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IHV Treatment Services

When a patient is diagnosed with HIV/AIDS or another chronic viral disorder, they want the very best in treatment options. IHV serves approximately 5,000 patients through six clinics throughout the Baltimore region and more than 750,000 patients in 7 African and 2 Caribbean nations.  IHV specializes in the treatment of HIV/AIDS and other chronic viral diseases, such as Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, and the Human Papilloma Virus Infection.

The IHV is committed to providing a state-of-the-art clinical trials program that offers patients the latest in scientific breakthroughs and helps advance the understanding and management of HIV/AIDS and its complications. This commitment is carried out by an accomplished team of multidisciplinary personnel dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in both clinical care and clinical research.

The IHV offers a community outreach program known as the The JACQUES Initiative program (J.I.) to provide additional treatment support to patients.  J.I. invites patients and their identified support systems such as family, friends, and neighbors into the treatment process, where they receive treatment preparation, clinical management, and treatment support to facilitate long term treatment success.