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For Health Care Providers

IHV has committed considerable resources to medical education and training at pre-service and in-service levels for various cadres of health care staff - most notably doctors, nurses, community outreach workers and laboratory personnel in country.

In recent years, there has been a tremendous reduction in numbers and quality of trained healthcare workers in developing countries. This is attributable to socio-economic difficulties affecting education and the emigration of many trained healthcare providers to other countries.

In recognition of this, a significant portion of the funds disbursed by the U.S. government for health programs in developing countries has gone to the training and retraining of health care workers for the provision of quality HIV related services.  It is expected that this funding will be increased and applied to other critical non HIV health issues.

IHV is persistently exploring existing and new partnerships with universities and training institutions to seek new opportunities for introducing and improving our unique model for education and training which incorporates classroom learning with required on field and in clinic experience under experienced clinical mentorship.

A sizeable number of our faculty has been involved in this initiative and some have relocated to foreign countries to take up residency and provide continuous on the ground support for these activities. Others provide expert training to participants in our International physician and nurse exchange programs where healthcare leaders, trainers and providers at large institutions come to Baltimore to receive advanced education in HIV management.