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Center for Infectious Diseases (CID)

In 2017, the Institute of Human Virology (IHV) at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, moved its practices including the JACQUES Initiative, the Evelyn Jordan Center, the General Infectious Disease Clinic, and the IHV Clinic within the Family Health Center at Midtown to form the Center for Infectious Diseases for a combined ambulatory practice.

The new Center is located at Armory Place at the Midtown Campus of the University of Maryland Medical Center. Drawing from the strengths of the combined clinics, the Center offers comprehensive, integrated, and innovative care, remaining at the forefront of advances in care of people living with or at risk for HIV, in addition to treating patients with viral hepatitis and other infections.

Throughout the merger, relationships between medical and mental health providers, social workers, and their patients have been preserved, allowing for continuity of medical and psychosocial care coordination.

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Center for Infectious Diseases (CID)

CID-IHV Leadership

Anthony Amoroso, MD
Associate Professor, Medicine, Director, Clinical Care & Research, Head, Clinical Care Programs, IHV

Patrick Ryscavage, MD
Assistant Professor, Medicine, Chief, Infectious Disease Inpatient Services at the Midtown Campus, Center for Infectious Diseases, IHV

Sarah Schmalzle, MD, FACP
Assistant Professor, Medicine, Medical Director, Center for Infectious Diseases, IHV

Christopher Williams, LCSW-C
Mental Health Director, Center for Infectious Diseases, IHV

Stephanie Pons, LCSW-C
Social Work Director, Center for Infectious Diseases, IHV

Tiffany Moritz, LBSW
Manager, Division of Infectious Diseases, Center for Infectious Diseases, IHV