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Flow Cytometry & Cell Sorting Core

Flow Cytometry and Cell sorting has become an indispensable tool for basic and clinical research in Biology and Medicine. However, this technology has entered a new era with the introduction of multi-color analyzer/sorter. To identify a single subset, it is now recommended that one should rely on more than 5 or 6 markers.

In addition to the reliable FACScalibur machines (capable of 4-color analysis, on the 6th floor), we have a FACSAria sorter-analyzer (Beckton-Dickinson, up to 11-color, currently located in 6S611). This machine will be moved into a BSL3 lab (location will be announced at some later time) to enable the uses to sort HIV (or other virus)-infected live cells. The core will maintain and operate the Aria.


The Flow Core’s activity includes, but not limited to, a sterile sorting of human, simian and murine cells. Users are encouraged to contact the core as we are more than happy to flexibly accommodate the needs. For the time being, the machine will be operated only by the Core personnel.

The core will provide consultations, if necessary, upon designing of experiments as well as provide resources and assistance in analyzing the obtained results. We would be happy to assist in biochemical modification of the antibodies as well.

A dedicated web-page will be soon created by which users can schedule their use-time, and gain access to on-line materials including training manuals and helpful literature describing the recent advancement.

We are determined to provide the highest quality flow cytometry/sorting service to the IHV community. So please watch out.

Lab Head

Yutaka Tagaya, BM, PhD
Assistant Professor